Rent Sailboat Bavaria 42 in Ibiza

June 1, 2018 0 By admin
We are usually looking for a quiet moment, but at the same time fun, in which we can feel in full comfort no matter how risky the adventure is. Do you long for the ocean one day? If so, the best option is to rent a sailboat with skipper in Ibiza , so that you can enjoy without being aware of the sailing of the boat, since, thanks to the presence of the skipper you will forget the responsibility of driving the boat. boat, it should be noted that you can make a romantic date with your partner or a family outing. For greater comfort we recommend that you rent Oceanis 40, as it is the most suitable boat for you and your relatives.
Advantages of renting a Bavaria 42 sailboat in Ibiza –

Through the pattern you can enjoy more easily the day of navigation, you can also learn from the most dedicated and recognized nautical professionals for their high experience in the aquatic environment, that is why we offer you the advantages of sailing in conjunction with a skipper. or better known with a captain. Know them and rent this service.

Experience and responsibility
All the skippers have a high experience in the ocean, they also have the mental and physical capacity to handle a sailboat from 12 to 24 meters in length, without leaving aside that the skipper is responsible for the sailing and driving, with in order to safeguard the lives of the people on board.

You enjoy widely.
Thanks to the skipper you will be able to carry out the multiple activities you wish from the moment you get on the sailboat, since the skipper handles all the arduous things of the boat, while you are sunbathing or taking pictures of the surrounding landscape .

The employer knows.
For the years of experience that the skipper has on the high seas you will have the opportunity to know those beaches or most attractive coves of Mallorca, since it will be him who will take you to the most exotic aquatic places of the place, without leaving aside his recommendations They can be extended to other places such as restaurants, historical sites, which deserve to be known.

Banquet on board.
Many of the patrons are lovers of the kitchen, therefore, you can reach an agreement with the patron beforehand so that you can taste the best dishes.