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The lifejackets are very important in all vessels. This tool provides security to each of the crew, the owners of vessels that need to purchase lifeguards can visit the easy navigational web, where they will find a great variety of life vests.

Characteristics of life vests

Each of these life vests is made with the best quality materials. This allows the vest to have a long useful life, in addition to providing different models for all tastes.

The models of life jackets that we can find are the traditional ones to the sports ones. They are available in fluorescent orange and black colors, these products range from size to xl. In this way each member of the crew will be protected.

All life jackets have adjustable snaps, in this way it allows the vest to fit the body of the person who will use it. This way it will be safe until the help can arrive in case the boat is damaged while at sea or if there is any kind of emergency that requires the use of life jackets.

One of the advantages of traditional life jackets is that they have a kind of collar. This allows the crew member who is using it to have more float on the sea, this type of vest is available with one or two snaps.

All the lifeguards are easy to install, just tighten their sides a bit and remove them from the base; It is important that every captain has lifeguards of different sizes, in this way he provides complete security to his crew.

Shipments to all of Europe

In case of placing orders, they will be sent within 7 business days after the order has been executed. makes easy shipments throughout Spain, has its headquarters in Madrid.