Kitchens for boats

June 1, 2018 0 By admin

It is important to have a kitchen on the boats, in this way, the crew can make their food, so they do not have to go out with everything pre-prepared and can eat freshly cooked food; for this reason in you can find a great variety of kitchens for boats that adapt perfectly to the spaces of the boat.

Types of cooking for boats

Among the kitchens that can be found are the two-burner folding stoves, one-burner stoves, vitroceramic cookers, kitchens with oven included, kitchen accessories, among a wide variety of products.

One of the most commercialized products is the built- in two-burner boat kitchen with sink included. One of the features of this kitchen is that it has a lid that covers the kitchen. So when it is not cooking it is covered and that part can be used to place an object.

This kitchen is manufactured in Italy, also meets each of the strictest quality criteria; It is important to note that this is a kitchen for gas boats . Its measurements are 680x 142x440mm, which allows it to adapt properly to the kitchen spaces.

This product has a 2 year warranty, in addition the online company makes shipments to Spain and throughout Europe, it is important to note that has its headquarters in Madrid, also only sells products of the best quality.

Electric cookers

Thinking of people who want to use electric cookers for boats, on the web you can also find built-in vitroceramic cookers. These have a very elegant black color, also work perfectly with 220v, 1200v and 1700 volts, this kitchen is European-made.

It also has two burners and its size is suitable for boats that do not have large spaces to place their kitchens; It is important that if the customer receives the product that he did not expect or does not meet his requirement, the returns are completely free.