Isotemp Nautical Refrigerator

June 1, 2018 0 By admin

When it comes to on-board comfort, every boat owner who strives to be so, tries his utmost to provide total comfort for his passengers and crew, this includes guaranteeing cold drinks as everyone likes, especially in summer times, where the visit to the coast or a stop to sunbathe then includes a good beer. If you also want your boat to have that level of comfort, do not hesitate to acquire the excellent nautical fridge that only nautica offers in its online store

Isotemp Nautical Refrigerator 49 Liters

The material is absolutely resistant, the structure of this refrigerator is stainless steel, so the marine environment will not affect you at all and you can acquire it with the certainty of having a good refrigerator for a long term.

The type of navigation that we usually make will mark the type of refrigerator or refrigerator that we should install on board. It is not the same to go sailing for a couple of hours to swim, dive or fish a journey of several days where you live on board autonomously etc.

 The first difference that we must take into account is the type of boat we have, whether it is sail or motor; for the space, the normal list of the sailboats, the type of movement and, of course, the production of electricity on board in a constant (motorized) or sporadic (sailing) way.

 It is not the same to connect the refrigerator to a plug on a motor boat that is constantly producing electricity and recharging its batteries or even offering 220 volts of current thanks to a generator or generator, which a sailboat that crosses Sail and start the engine a couple of hours to charge the batteries. The energy source from which the fridge must be nourished must be clear and resolute from the beginning.

The hours of operation will depend on the type of boat and the type of navigation we perform. The colder we want, the more electrical energy we need, the more battery charge with the motor or generator, more noise etc.

In this case we are talking about an excellent 49 liter Isotemp nautical fridge , which is fed with 12-24v, which makes it ideal for various types and models of boats. In addition, its measures of 530 x 400 x 510mm and 20 kilograms of weight make it an excellent item to have the best of a good cold drink without taking up too much space on the boat.