Boat bilge pump

June 1, 2018 0 By admin

A good bilge pump is an indispensable part of the safety elements inside any boat. Currently they are even common, even though the manuals are always recommended to replace the failure of an electric or complement it in an emergency, currently all ships have at least a submersible bilge pump , as insurance at the time of an emergency . The majority is located in the bilge, since that is where almost all the water that enters the hull reaches. In addition, the most modern include elements to filter the ejected water, preventing fuel or dirt from leaving the sea.

Electric submersible bilge pump 5700 liters / hour

From the point of view of responsibility, having a bilge pump in good condition is vital for the buoyancy of the boat, for safety and maintenance. The water that enters the ship, whether due to the storm surge, rain, leaks or other reasons, accumulates in its lowest part, called the bilge. In addition to that you must avoid putting load in this area, the employer must ensure that this accumulated water is reduced, because if it accumulates without control, it would be a danger to the stability of the ship.

If you wish to purchase an electric bilge pump with capacity for 5700 liters per hour , at find the best option, for less than 200 euros you will have a submersible pump for your boat, which complies with all European manufacturing standards and, if that was not enough, with two years of warranty.

If there is a significant level of water inside the boat, it may be indicative of a problem: damage to the hull, leakage in any channel, obstruction of drains, etc. As soon as water is detected, it is necessary to evacuate it, because it is usual for it to continue entering and a time may come when it is too late. If there are several compartments, each one must have its own pump, in the lowest place in the bilge and they must be easily accessible to carry out repair and maintenance tasks.